Mail Sniper
Mail Sniper


It is very easy to install and to use the Mail Sniper software. This extension will be installed like every other .xpi file. After you have downloaded Mail Sniper, open the extension manager in Mozilla Thunderbird (Tools Menu > Extensions). Now click the Install button and select the mailsniper.xpi file on your hard disk. Confirm with OK. That's all!

To use Mail Sniper just right-klick on the preview of the mail you would like to analyse, and select "Backtrack with Mail Sniper". Soon the tracking prozess starts, and when it's finished the result will be shown!

For further information you can get some manuals here:
  • Download the User Guideline (pdf with ? kB)
  • Download the Developer Guideline (pdf with ? kB)

  • Deutsche Anleitung herunterladen (pdf mit 1.0 MB)
  • Entwicklerhilfe herunterladen (pdf mit 133 kB) Logo